please help! which turntable , michell gyro se ,, pro ject rpm 10 carbon ,, avid diva 2 ?

this will be my first ever turn table setup , and i would appreciate any help and guideness 
i’m a multi genre music lover 
my audio system is for my standars good , capable to make u apreciate a good recording over a standar recording
i have a pair of dali ms5 speakers , edge nl10 amp, ps audio p10 power plan , benchmark dac 3 pre amp and good wiring all around , its a prety dynamic setup   
@lostbears thanks ! i allready know that buying everything is just the beginning ,, i have someone to help me with the setup , and i’m also willing to pay a specialist , i will do more research on the phonostage ,,, i thought of buying a clearaudio complete package , but i decided to go with a turn table that has more potential and to keep it for years , basically a nice platform that i will keep upgrading thru the years , im aware since is my first tt i will have to sacrifice a few cartridges before i get things right 
The Gyro can be upgraded over time with the ORBE platter and other amenities. It is a good table. I gave mine to my daughter as her first table and it continues to serve her well. Rega tonearm or the modded TechnoArm (rega modded by michell) is a reasonable first tone arm. Not a bad table to start with

Check out the Sota Jewel with Rega arm for under three grand. That will leave you another $2000 for a cartridge and phono preamp!
If you just want something that you can buy, set up, and not deal with aftermarket upgrades, I suggest the Pro-Ject Xtension 10.