Please Make Audiogon Cool

I think that there are a lot of experienced and interesting people on this site. Some in retail, some in manufacturing, and probably some really cool artists, scientists and engineers of all sorts of backgrounds.

I want to encourage those of you with something to say, a point of view, a helpful idea to post.

Without this type of interaction, Audiogon becomes just a shopping support group. If you care about the Audiogon community and would like to see it go in a particular direction, then please contribute in the way you feel most comfortable and engaging.


Well said. I don't know about you, but I've grown rather fond of the humans. It's a shame they may all be extinct soon.
Give anyone species too much rope and they'll **** it up.

Roger Waters "Amused to Death"
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Noble100, darn it, its not only that we are worried about the humans extinction but rather how many that do remain are indeed really human.  Over and out.
The conversation here can get a bit uncool, but whenever a person comes into my house and sees a real stereo system with a turntable ready to play vinyl, inevitably they say “cool”. Just maintaining this equipment and analog media is cool. 
So as a community we should know we are by definition cool. 
I'm really not that cool. I am however humble, honest, & very good looking.