Please rate WATT/Puppy 7

How great is it?Is it musical? Classical music only. Lots of chamber.
Ok, have you ever heard the bass on the Vandersteen 5? If not, I suggest you try it. You might change your opinion.
Properly set up, there is nothing that I have auditioned that has been able to convey the subtleties of the musical event as evocatively. Careful setup by an experienced individual is essential. I wouldn't consider them without the assistance of an experienced setup person that you trust.

When all is right they are absolutely scintillating. For example, a recent SACD of Opera Arias by the soprano Anna Netrebko on DG is positively soul stirring. In particular, "Crudele? - Ah no, mio bene!" from Don Giovanni is arrestingly sung with great dramatic fluorish and an upper register to die for. This is a great young singer that I've only heard better at her debut with the San Francisco Opera. All of the qualities of her live performance are on display on this recording, and it sounds thrilling through the WP7s. Others (lots and lots) haven't conveyed either the sweetness or the boldness of her voice as convincingly.
i presently have eggleston andra-2's and ml-33h which sound
very musical. and remarkably the ml-33h in MY living room
have drawn me into the music- at the dealer they conveyed
accuracy but little more. i have also heard the wp-7's at the dealer and again great 3-d imaging and very good resolution
but no "wow, this sounds so much more like real instruments/voices, etc." so i want a home audition to see if the same thing that occurred with the ml amps might also happen with the speakers. BUT!!- i cannot move wp-7's around alot altho' toe-in or height adjustments are not a problem. so, my question again is- what is the likelyhood that wilson can fulfill my wish for greater involvement in the MUSIC, regardless of imaging and all that other good stuff. the 2 schools of thought in this discussion are very well expressed, however the andras (ugly as hell but what can you do?!) do everything i could want with the music. i listen to the boring stuff- baroque/jazz/etc. i never "crank it up"
anymore- so i need to hear the majic at old-guy volume (as my dad used to say- turn that s@@@t down!). thanks for any response.
French Fry Nice to see that you were able to get the 33h to sound musical. BTW, What was the gear that you heard wp-7 on?.