PLEASE: Re Oppo 105 Darbee

I the Cd and SACD abd DVD quality equal to s high end Esoteric for 2009---6 years old technology.. Someone must know!
i found the 105 darbee to be very good for the price using XLR connections. But it was no match for a newer Esoteric KO3x. do not know the older Esoteric, the 105 drabee does a lot more than the older Esoteric does and is covered under waranty. Is the 6 year old Esoteric under warranty.
good luck
In it's stock form, the Oppo 105 is excellent for it's price. The Modwrite Truth Modification turns it in to a serious competitor to the Esoteric at a fraction of the price.

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Nov 5, 2014 - The Modwright “Truth” modifications to Oppo's BDP-105 player were brought to my attention by Infinity co-founder Arnie Nudell when I ...

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Amplifier: First Watt SIT1, FirstWatt SIT2, ModWright KWA 100SE, Bakoon AMP- ... "We're doing an all-out tube mod for the new $1.200 Oppo 105 BluRay deck.