Please Reccomend Good speakers for $2000 - $2500

I have been an avid audiophile for quite some time and am looking to upgrade my speakers. I am unfortunately on a very tight budget. I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 640C CD player, and a 120 wpc NAD integrated amp. Cardas Cross cabling throughout, and a Monster 5100 Power Conditioner. Currently I am using Definitive Technology (stifle the groans please :) Power Monitor 700's on Sumiko Stands. They are the best speaker I've ever had, but nowhere near the best I've ever heard. I would sell them and some other stuff lying around, chip in some more dough and upgrade. It is a small room, and I tend to prefer soft tweeters and Danish drivers in general but I am open to ANY AND ALL reccomendations. I am not afraid to go used either. Thanx :)
Second the Focus Audio's. FA works very well in small rooms and is not picky about amp or source but responds very well to upgrades.

Lots of very positive press coverage of the new FS68se on the web. Scanspeak 9500 tweeter, Eton midbass in a 13x7x10" package that goes to 45hz.

BW Maxx
My LSA 2's which list for $2K
Perhaps the least "hi-fi" sounding speaker of the last 25 years.
They sound almost completely organic.
Warning!!! Some people will not like them since the tweeter is not spitting high frequency 'noise' at them.
They sound natural in a way that very few speakers near this price range could possibly claim to.
Trumpets hanging in space with the rich harmonic they create, yet without the 'blare' of the upper frequencies, the voice of singers, without the after ring of the sibilence that the engineers manufacturered into the sound.
It's there but not annoying, as with so many products on the market today.
Think Sound Labs, for $18K yet with a price tag of $2K yet not electrostatic, but a small floor standing device of 36 inches tall, and more dynamic information, almost horn like in it's presentation.
Of course I am prejudiced, I voiced them, and designed them, but therein lies the American Dream.
After working for THIEL and VS Audio, I took the best of both.
The LSA 2 is, in a word remarkable at $1995.
Soon to come, July 23rd, we are shipping.
Larry R. Staples
LSA Group
Second the GMA Callisto's. You would spend countless hours hearing things in your recordings you never heard before. Plus, you'd be able to listen to, and enjoy all your recordings, not just your audiophile pressings. Highly recommended.