Please recommend a McIntosh preamp

Hello to all. So, I have been very fortunate to have a buddy who upgraded his amplifier, allowing me to receive his. I now have a McIntosh mc 352. What would be a good match preamp to this amp when I have saved all my nickels? Do I look for a model in the same era as the amp, or look into a newer McIntosh preamp? Thankx, Arthur

In the past I owned a MC352 which is a great amp. I used with a C42 preamp with excellent sonic results. Don't think you can go wrong with this pairing. I now run MC501 monos with a C50 preamp. It sounds different but only slightly better than the first combo. My advice would be save your coins go with the C42.
It seems like McIntosh is a universe all its own. They've been around forever and have a seemingly endless number of models to choose from. I've recently purchased a new C22 reissue preamp, mainly for phono duties (and tone controls) as it goes into my BAT int amp. I love the sound. Good luck with your hunt!
When I had a MC352, I had it paired with a C2300. I like the sound of a tube preamp with all the power of a SS amp.
+1, @mcgal 

I did find the tube / SS combo bit more 3 dimensional and rich in harmonics. My setup included C2500 with MC601’s. 
C2300 preamp (and I imagine the C23xx newer models) works very nicely with my MC352. Stock tubes are OK, but I upgraded to Gold Lion with positive results. MC phono section is solid on the C2300, and I'm another tone-control user because of my asymmetrical listening space. It's a rare preamp these days that has tone controls as well thought out as those on the C2300 or other Mac preamps.

Why not post your system details when you get some time? I'd be interested in seeing how it progresses, given our similar electronics.

Good luck.