Please recommend CD player w/volume under $5500

I'd like to get rid of my preamp and go straight from source to amp.

Seeking recommendations on such a player with quality sound.

Rest of my system consists of the new ESP Concert Grand SI speakers, and (currently) a Butler TBD-2250 (but I'm thinking about going for a Conrad Johnson 140 or similar).

Thanks very much!

I can really only compare the ARC LS25II (which I used to own) and the Aesthetix Callisto that I have now........ Well, I guess I just answered which of those two I prefer. The CJ was in a different system, so I can't really compare it to my preamps.

I'm on the keep the preamp wagon... You will lose something without it, mainly the full body sound.. a lot of the hiend cd players are a little lite on the bass as well, and with no pre it could be very anemic, and you have a tube amp I believe so you will have possibility of very soft bass.
On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of threads in which folks describe no audible differences when comparing certain CDP's direct to amp/s vs. going the traditional preamp route.

I would suggest doing a search on the most popular CDP's that have volume control....namely, Resolution Audio Opus 21 (GNSC modification recommended), Audio Aero Capitole, ML 390s, and others. All can be had for under $5k used, or in the case of the GNSC RA Opus 21, 5K new. Also, there is the EMM Labs DAC, which I understand has a very good analog volume control, but that may be too much of a stretch $ wise.

The thing is, it may make some sense to go without a preamp -at least initially- as it will allow for more $$$$ to go to a very high quality CDP. And, some argue you won't lose a thing.