Please recommend King Crimson albums…

Which King Crimson albums (CDs) have more of the mellow stuff (eg I talk to the wind, Epitaph, etc) and less of the nasty sounding stuff.   20th Century Schitzoid man is fine (just not daily). Their jazzy stuff is fine also. 

Thanks for your time.


Longtime Crim fan, since they changed the band lineup (except for Fripp) alot in the early days, this question is challenging. Wondering if what appealed about the Court album is Greg Lake's vocals, they never had another vocalist of that caliber after he left to join ELP.

I'd say Lizard fits the bill (except for the first song Cirkus) - Mel Collins sax and flute are all over this album and a guest vocal by Jon Anderson on a song. Been listening to this regularly for 50 years!

2nd choice would be Islands, definatly mellower but not as adventurous as most of their stuff.

Have fun exploring, Fripp was always pushing the envelope so mellow was not strong in their DNA.

I would agree that the first 4 albums sound like the most likely ones which you'll enjoy. The first two with Greg Lake are likely the most up your alley but you already know those.