Please recommend King Crimson albums…

Which King Crimson albums (CDs) have more of the mellow stuff (eg I talk to the wind, Epitaph, etc) and less of the nasty sounding stuff.   20th Century Schitzoid man is fine (just not daily). Their jazzy stuff is fine also. 

Thanks for your time.


I would agree that the first 4 albums sound like the most likely ones which you'll enjoy. The first two with Greg Lake are likely the most up your alley but you already know those. 

Check out “In The Wake of The Poseidon”, their 1970 follow up album to “In The Court of The Crimson King”.  From their 80’s incarnation with vocalist / guitarist Adrian Belew,  I like “Three of A Perfect Pair”. It has a more electronic sound compared to their 70’s recordings. 

There are many live albums (Live in Toronto, Radical Action, etc.) which are at least worth browsing through to see if any of it agrees with you. Much incredible muscianship is on display but they don't do mellow for very long at a stretch so that may be a bridge too far perhaps. One man's nasty is another man's nirvana.

Since you are okay with the jazzy King Crimson I would suggest Islands. Get the Steven Wilson re mix.