Please recommend speakers for 45 watt SET amps

Looking for fairly efficient (preferably 90 db min and 92db even better) speakers for my audio mirror SET 45 watt mono blocks. The speaker set is for a medium to large size room (8 or 10” speakers are fine but 12” overkill). I also have an audio mirror tube line pre. So lots of tubes going on. My sota sapphire runs through a Sutherland 20/20 phono preamp which is solid state and helps balance the tube side of sound. I’m also using the audio mirror tube dac. I listen to classic rock and blues, and some jazz. I would like a good all around speaker that would match this system. The Fyne 502sp keeps getting recommended to me, but I have no experience with them. Please help friends ! Thanks !!


Check out Daedalus Audio.  96db efficient and with a very stable impedance curve (so important).  Handcrafted solid hardwoods that are stunningly as beautiful as they are sonically.  Pricey, but worth it.  Natural tones that absolutely "sound right".

Find their website and read up on them.  I can speak testimony to them as a proud owner of the model Apollo 11, new Version-3 generation for 2022.

Best to you in your quest.

Please, more info needed.  What speakers do you have now, what sound characteristics are most important to you, and what improvements are you looking for?  Also, budget?  This info will lead to much better recommendations here. 

I agree @lak that Klipsch Heritage speakers are very efficient and sound good. I have Heresy Speakers that I was driving with a 40 watts per channel Cary Audio Sl-80 and I have a very large room and I could easily go louder than the anyone should find necessary.

Thanks for all the input. Great options. Budget is 10k and below. I had Spendor a4s and they were too relaxed. I have the Klipsch forte 3s and they’re too unrefined. I tend to like natural or slightly warm speakers. Hope that helps.  Keep the recs coming !

Are you open to buying used?  Do you need a wider sweet spot or are you only concerned with one optimal listening position for yourself?