Please suggest a WiFi Streamer under $200

Hi all, this is for my secondary system in the living room. Don’t really do any critical listening here, I already have a DAC (Cambridge Audio Dacmagic) that has USB and SPDIF inputs so no need for a built in DAC. Currently using: iPhone > Apple lightning connector > Cambridge iPod dock > SPDIF> dacmagic.

Its my understanding that because I’m using an iPhone and lightning connector the sample rate won’t go higher than 44.1khz as the blue light has never gone beyond that even when listening to Tidal MQA. 
only suggestion I have for you at that budget is a small form computer. like the apple mini or Asus vivo series. Used if you can find one. I bought my Asus vivo for couple hundred new and it has optical, USB, HDMI out. so I'm using that as my streamer optical out to my DAC. Also allows you to do other computer related things like YouTube streaming etc. You will need a TV/monitor for it though and a wireless all in one keyboard.I use a keyboard with a side track pad works well as I have my TV also in the listening room for the monitor. 

if you want MQA properly unfolded then your going to spend more money then your budget.

other then that your into things like the Blue Sound Node 2i but they are $500ish. 

also maybe a micorendu  

you may want to just continue using your IPhone for now.
Klipsch makes two products that may suit your needs. The first one is called the Gate and is the cheapest at around $50. It will stream Tidal MQA as well as Qobuz hires. It does not have digital outputs so you are stuck with the on-board dac. 

The second option is the Power Gate @ $150 which is a streaming integrated amp. It does everything the Gate does except it has a 50 wpc class d amp and more inputs but again no digital output.

I chose the Powergate over the Gate because the Gate only has 3.5 mm pre-out vs the pre-outs on the  Power Gate  which are single ended rca types.

It sounds more analog to me than the Bluesound Node 2i it replaced in my system.
Thanks for the suggestions. I won't be able to put a TV monitor as my 2nd system is situated near the dining table/living room area and it would be an eyesore to have a small TV monitor there. I did take a look at the Blue Sound Node 2i. Is it possible to bypass its internal DAC? Another option is for me to sell my existing DAC and just get the Bluesound Node to minimize the outlay. It seems to be well-reviewed but I've seen some say that it sounds 'too digital' sounding.

The microrendu is $430 which is close to the price of the Bluesound, I prefer the aesthetics of the Bluesound better.

As for the Klipsch, I saw the Gate on Amazon and its similar to the discontinued Google chromecast audio but both have no digital outputs which is why I can't use either. The Klipsch powergate is out as well as I have a Marantz integrated amp in my secondary system which I like a lot.

I was hoping to keep the budget under $200 since I didn't need a DAC but it seems like I will have to stretch it as there's no workaround.
I am happy with the Grace Digital Encore.

Has chromecast built in(internet radio) with many radios stations.

Sounds surprisingly good by itself(at the office desk), having adequate bass at low volumes.