Please Support Music Education

Music education is more than just education. It's integration, it's culture. Those who can play music can change the world. Throughout American History music has been a force towards integration, equality and justice.

To have music education is to enrich.  To deny it is to impoverish. If

For these reasons and many others, I would like to encourage all music lovers to support music education at all levels, and of all kinds. Supporting public school music programs, classical music theory and history through music is to enrich us all.

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I think I follow what your OP is about (unlike some others) and fully agree with you.  We need to provide the OPPORTUNITY for our children (and especially at the younger grades! Even a simple drum circle with 3rd graders can leave a lasting positive impression) to get exposed to music, whether trying out for choir, band, or orchestra. Not only can they broaden a student’s appreciation of music, but the strong, positive social aspects such programs can provide are invaluable.  Too often there is incredible outcry for proposed cuts to a school sports program, but nary a whimper when a school music program is slashed or completely eliminated.  These music programs and the opportunities they offer to kids need to be wholeheartedly supported!


It is indeed cognitively beneficial to study music, to say nothing of how it can be fun, enjoyable, teach valuable teamwork/social skills, and give some kids a reason to want to go to school in the first place.

Just because a kid is not destined for the major leagues does not mean that kid shouldn’t participate in sports, for the exact same reasons mentioned above (adding physical exercise of course)

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In Europe a crime to not play Classical music  to children .

Here a crime to do it !  Ignorance is bliss here .


I regularly donate money to The Mockingbird Foundation they give grants to local music programs around the USA.