Please tell me the wait will be work rack

The supply chain issues have certainly sucked. I am waiting for the LAST piece of my set rack. I’ve been waiting over a year for all my components to come in and the rack has been the longest wait. Please tell me it’s worth the time and $$$ or offer other options for consideration that may be more available. My brother offered Critical Mass but I am trying to save a few bucks, and not clear if they have the same supply issues. Appreciate your thoughts in advance.



The Pangea racks are garbage.

Mine haven’t rotted and holds about 200 pounds of amplifiers and VPI bricks.

Mac equipment

that ’splains it! 🙄

Equipment Rack with adjustable TT top - $850

Sand Filled Floating Top Amp Platforms - $85 each 

Custom Speaker Stands - $700 each. ($650 per set of Gaia 1 feet)

Iso Acoustic Gaia under TT - $200

OK, so I'm not counting my labour but the point being, you don't need to spend a wack of money.  IMHO

I am very pleased with the Solidsteel racks, they seem like a good value.  I can’t say it transformed the sound of my system, but high quality and solid feel/look.  My system does sound extremely good though, so maybe it IS the rack!

@jerryg123 Thanks Jerry.  It's an ever evolving process.  Lucky for me I enjoy having a hands on project on the go at all times.