Plinius 8200 Mk1 - supply voltage - advice needed

I want to know whether a Plinius 8200 Mk1 integrated amp, which is sold here for 110V supply, can be altered to function in a country with 220V supply. I've sent email to Plinius but haven't received a reply. Any inputs will be much appreciated.
Hi Yes its no problem. I have had an 8200 MK11 converted from 110 to 220 here in New Zealand.
Regards Steve.
thanks a bunch steve. what exactly does the conversion involve - will i need a professional or a dealer for that ?
I did the 9100 some time ago and if the 8200 is the same it’s just a matter of popping the top and switching the wires at a terminal opposite the IEC. The terminals were marked very clearly on the 9100 as to which wires go where for 110 or 220 so hopefully it’s marked on the 8200 as well.