Plinius SA-102 for Magnepan 3.6

Category: Preamps

I am keen to change my speaker system from ML SL3 to Magnepan 3.6R or ML Vantage/Summit. I am very keen on Maggies provided my amplifier - Plinius SA-102 can drive these Maggies. My room measures 25' by 13', 6 ' from the rear wall and 2' from the side walls. Listening position is 7' away. Can anyone advice?
Thanx for all the advice. Finally, I have ordered for a pair of ML Summit (dark cherry Bass unit and Black grill). Hope I wont regret!!!
You wont regret it... pair it with a tube preamp and like me, you will enjoy your Plinius SA102 and ML Summit combo!

Martin Logan Vantage Spire Ethos or Summitt are all powered for the Bass which takes a lot of burdon off the amp.A good quality amplifier of at least 150wpc into 8 ohms and 300 into 4 ohms is a well designed amplifier
tube amps a 80wpc or more would be fine as long as you are not playing over mid 90 dbs which is plenty loud.