Plinth for Thorens TD124

Just bought a TD124, which is arriving with a tonearm (SME 2009) but no plinth. My regular TT is an Amadeus, but I have been wanting to try one of these Idler drives and see what the fuss is about. I see some fairly inexpensive basic refinished original plinths available for a few hundred, then the Schopper models for around 600? Not sure what currency they are quoting... And then there are some very pricey plinths also from companies like Artisan Fidelity.
I am really just looking for something to get me started and get an idea of how these sound, not necessarily the end game. I want something good enough to show the virtues of the table without being over the top. Any thoughts or recommendations?
Try Hollywood Sound in FL. He's really good at coming up with solutions that don't cost a lot of money.
Good for you. I have been very intrigued by the Idlers, after having heard the big Shindo tableĀ…. The analog guy at Fidelis in NH also knows a lot about Idlers. I believe he runs a 124 and a 301/401. I am also in the market, and have listened to both Feickert, and Luxman recently. Like you, I am looking to upgrade from the Amadeus GTA. I am also going to listen to Brinkman, which will bring DD in to the mix. I haven't had the courage to dive in to an Idler, so again, good for you.
You can find some nicely crafted plinths on Ebay at reasonable prices for idler tables. Also visit Lenco Heaven and view the crafted works for Lencos and other turntables (Garrards, Gates, Russcos).

I have a highly modified Lenco. If you are interested to hear what it sounds like, I can give you access to my gmail shared box. I used a Tascam DA3000.
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