Plinth ideas for DENON PD-80 DD turntable

While my pair of Victor TT-101 still sleeping in the storage, i decided to buy another Flying Saucer.

The DENON DP-80, vintageknob always have nice images and info about rare stuff...

On that page you see DP-80 with DA-401 tonearm for hich compliance cartridges (i have this tonesm NOS). It could be an interesting project, it was hard to resist ...

The question is the Plinth for this Denon DP-80.
The original DK-300 plinth is an option, but searching for something better i found this one.

Custom made plinth is always an option and i have superb Audio-Technica AT-616 pneumatic insulators to use under the plinth.

But what do you guys using with your Denon PD-80 ?

P.S. some companies now producing even an iron cast plinth and graphite plinth, i have no access to graphite, but iron cast here is cheap to make a custom plinth.
While on the Plinth subject you can see in the my systems pg
a constrained layer 90lb Rosewood wrapped example
I put together for my TT-101.

Will accept all arm lengths with 3 arm boards which also 
elevate using spacers in their threaded fittings.

Peter @pbnaudio  Great meeting you Saturday for music and conversation - I will be in touch for DP-75 rebuild….



Great thread guys!

@pbnaudio +1

I use Royal Purple Synthetic lubricant for lubrication of the bearings.

The industrial lubricants from RP are exceptional. They have ISO viscosities for any application and their UPG grease is a go to for inverted spindles or loose bearings.