Pls help me decide Pass Labs X250.8 or Luxman M900u

I want to upgrade my 2 channel audio.  I have a 7.2.4 Home Theater system I am in the process of upgrading. Recently I upgraded my old B&W N805 / HTM2 to the 803D4 / HT81D4 and relegated my N805’s to Surround duty (and they excel in this roll!)

I have been driving (due to age of system) with a Pass Labs X5, which I will keep for surrounds and center on HT , but I want to upgrade my 2 Channel Audio.  I currently am trying to decide between the PassLabs X250.8 and the  Luxman M900u.  As these B&W’s can dip down below 2ohms I want to make sure I buy an amp which will bring out the best in my system and handle these dips. I will also be buying a Tube Preamp with HT Bypass -(looking for a used VAC Signature Mk5 SE or the new Backert Rhumba Extreme 1.4)


Anyone with experience with either of these amps and B&W 800’s would be great to hear from.




Try a Modwright integrated amp. 220w into 8 400 into 4. I use that on my YG’s and Vivid Giya G2. It has the tube preamp built in! So you will save 10-20k in cables and preamp! I will put this integrated up against 50 grand of separates!

Nelson Pass’s heyday was decades ago.

Pass Amos do not do well with difficult to drive speakers. The Luxman is definitely the better choice, at least based one driving Wilson Audio speakers. I can’t abide the B&Ws lack of coherence- the brutal tweeters. All the remaining talent left that company and founded Vivid.

@mtdining can you elaborate? What are the signs the amplifier is not able to manage impedance dips?

With my Thiel CS3,7, a speaker that went down to 2 Ohm a lot, my Benchmark AHB2 did not have a very propulsive or powerful sound with dynamic music. It sounded great with slower stuff.

With a CODA #8, KRELL Duo 175XD, Parasound A21+ the sound was explosive with the same music that was not so great with the AHB2.

Another amp that will drive hard load and is rather good for a low price is the Peachtree GAN400.

Saying all of that I have another AHB2 on its way next week.

The CODA #16 is an amp I would recommend if you like Luxman and PASS. I moved up from the #8 to the #16. It doubles from 150 | 300 | 600 @ 8 | 4 | 2.