Pls help me decide Pass Labs X250.8 or Luxman M900u

I want to upgrade my 2 channel audio.  I have a 7.2.4 Home Theater system I am in the process of upgrading. Recently I upgraded my old B&W N805 / HTM2 to the 803D4 / HT81D4 and relegated my N805’s to Surround duty (and they excel in this roll!)

I have been driving (due to age of system) with a Pass Labs X5, which I will keep for surrounds and center on HT , but I want to upgrade my 2 Channel Audio.  I currently am trying to decide between the PassLabs X250.8 and the  Luxman M900u.  As these B&W’s can dip down below 2ohms I want to make sure I buy an amp which will bring out the best in my system and handle these dips. I will also be buying a Tube Preamp with HT Bypass -(looking for a used VAC Signature Mk5 SE or the new Backert Rhumba Extreme 1.4)


Anyone with experience with either of these amps and B&W 800’s would be great to hear from.




@tjassoc Very interesting stuff and perspective and hope you post more often.  I’m in North Jersey and going through a similar situation so I sympathize greatly.  Best of luck with everything.  If/when we both get our systems back up and running maybe we can trade some good listening sessions. 

Great to hear from you soix!

We have a group of 3 other local audiophile friends, we get together periodically to enjoy a few hours of music and food. It's always casual - nothing extravagant but an enjoyable few hours.

We rotate at each other's house. You are welcome to join us.

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Pass amps suffer in bass, dynamics, and a lack of high end I normally associate with British sound, compared with Luxman, Boulder, Spectral, Ayre, which are all more lifelike.



Just to point to the reality that your own values and system are the most important aspects in choosing an amp. I completely disagree with @mtdining on every point he makes. This does not mean he is wrong for him. I have 50 years of experience in pursuing high end. I have owned Pass amps for over thirty years and spent a lot of time auditioning Luxman, Boulder, and Spectral. My conclusion is exactly the opposite. Pass exceeds in bass extension, and particularly rhythm and pace… making his amps far more compelling.

This is why you must audition amps in your own system. I am not doubting @mtdining has not experienced what he advocates… just that our values and systems are different.

OP - I also agree with ghdprentice. One particular point of difference ref. mtdining - Pass amps are very refined in the top end, which some may interpret as "a lack of high end". Unamplified acoustic music has an apparent lack of top end compared to most "hi fi" reproduction. It depends on what one's point of reference is.