Pls Recommend Streamer Under $500 for Tidal “HiFi”

I’m searching for the best sounding streamer under $500 that supports Tidal’s “HiFi” lossless playback. I understand that r2r DAC is desirable, and if possible, I’d like to use the streamer as a DAC for my CD transport and play and store files from my NAS. The unit doesn’t need to have a preamp / integrated amp as I’ll be connecting it to my existing preamp which is feeding vertically bi-amped Energy Reference Connoisseur 70 speakers. Thanks for your suggestions!
I think you are confusing terms or using them differently than typical.  You want a streamer, but then want to use it as a DAC.  A streamer sends a digital stream, typically over a network, to an endpoint that contains a DAC.  Alternately, it could be a local computer with a USB output driving a DAC. 

Typical endpoints are special purpose computers with a network input (Ethernet, WiFi) and either USB output to DAC or often as an appliance, have a built in DAC and put out analog to a preamp/integrated (or even amplified analog to drive speakers).
What functions are you really asking for?  you have a CD player. Do you have a DAC?
I'd personally get a good DAC and run Roon on a computer.  Never play a CD again once you rip them.