PMC versus Wilson Audio

Looking to upgrade to either PMC MB2  SE's or Wilson Audio Sasha 2's or Alexia 2's. I listen to mostly Jazz, Easy listening, Blues. Not much Classical in dedicated listening room. Room has been heavily treated with absorption and reflection. Room is 12' x 16'. Source is digital, no turntable. High current monoblock amps. 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated and would appreciate keeping the discussion on PMC versus Wilson Audio only. Thanks!
If your room is 12 by 16 you can not use any speaker with extremely deep bass.

That means much less lofty speakers.

A speaker with in room bass response to 35 -30hz and no lower.

Unless your room is open to another room you will get way too much bass and it will be boomy.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
@prof and @divertiti are you saying the new Finestria's are a huge step up from their MB2Se's or just a better looking version of the ugly MB2's.

I don't know.  I've only heard the PMC MB2 SE, and that was at audio shows.