PMC versus Wilson Audio

Looking to upgrade to either PMC MB2  SE's or Wilson Audio Sasha 2's or Alexia 2's. I listen to mostly Jazz, Easy listening, Blues. Not much Classical in dedicated listening room. Room has been heavily treated with absorption and reflection. Room is 12' x 16'. Source is digital, no turntable. High current monoblock amps. 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated and would appreciate keeping the discussion on PMC versus Wilson Audio only. Thanks!
@prof and @divertiti are you saying the new Finestria's are a huge step up from their MB2Se's or just a better looking version of the ugly MB2's.

I don't know.  I've only heard the PMC MB2 SE, and that was at audio shows.
Dear @twochannelaudiophile: Both seems as very good performers and at this levels we have to analize very carefully each speaker characteristics.

I never heard the PCM but I heard the Alexia and some other of the WA speakers.

By characteristics I definitively stay with the Alexia2 because the PCM woofer croosover at very high level: 380hz and this means that those woofers that goes really down in the bass range has high excurtions in that low bass range and these excurtions develops very high IMD that affects not only the frequencies  to 380hz ( as a fact those woofers are handling at least to audible 450 hz. ) but all over the speaker frequency range because at each discrete woofer bass frequency are developed its harmonics that came with that kind of added distortions putting " dirty " to the overall frequency range including the high frequencies.

You have to imagine that the excurtions/movements of those woofers to develops 25hz that same woofer at the same time is developing critical frequencies at 100-150-200hz and in between, the IMD is to high and we can hear it.

In the other side and at least in that crossover woofer regards the Alexia 2 crossover at 200hz with a lot lower speaker IMD and this too we can hear it.
Wilson Audio has a very high quality design and excecution:

The subject here is not if we like more the PCM but wich one can be truer to the recording, which one affects the less the signal reproduction.

If you really want it the PCM sound signature my adive is to go for its monitor alog a pair of self powered subwoofers, these are the monitors:

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,