Policy changes at The Music Room TMR Audio

TMR has made a few changes to their policies which may interest folks.

Warranties for used gear is now 90 rather than 45 days.

Trial period is now 30 rather than 14 days.

There is now a restocking fee of 5%. Their rationale for this makes sense and seems reasonable. It would be nice if there could be exceptions to the restocking fee, such as cables and other products which don't need extensive checking for quality control. One result of this policy is that there is some more costly gear I would have tried but now am reluctant. I suppose that’s just a personal admission. 



So...I'm not impressed by their policy changes. I've found their prices to be sky high in general and their "CPO" warranty a flimsy gimmick. I'd expect a true "CPO" warranty on a 5k used piece of audio gear to be one year - not thirty days, or now, the 45 days they offer. It's ridiculously short. I also find charing a 5% restocking fee to "offset" their "CPO" warranty an insult. Offer a a true benefit that offsets the higher than market prices they charge and at minimum they can rationalize their pricing methodologies. As it is, they charge top dollar and the CPO warranty, due to its ridiculously short duration, only covers an immediate catastrophic problem. 

I’ve purchased probably 80% of my current setup through them and think they are great.  Make them an offer and they will usually get you a good deal  

Keep in mind that when you return something, you pay the return shipping. Seems fair, but you should be aware of that.

5% barely covers their credit card transaction fees (and may not cover them completely depending on the credit card used), let alone their other costs associated with handling a return. 


I was going to buy a used N200 but I could not pass up a new one for just a little more. They did me right.

Some of their new closeouts are really good deals.  Additionally I thought I had an issue with my new amp.   I contacted TMR and they were super responsive.    Cyrus returned my email Sunday night (their Monday AM)  and got me straightened out.  

TMR contacted me that afternoon and offered me a good deal on another Cyrus or return, or credit toward something else.  All was good but they were proactive and seemed to be all about my satisfaction.  Can't ask for more than that.