Policy question: can I give away stereo equipment out here (asking for shipping)?

I have an old tape deck that I'd like to give away, asking only for shipping. I'd like it to go to an established A'gon member, not some random person on eBay. It's not worth listing it on this site as that would require fees, PayPal, return policies, etc. 

Is it within A'gon's forum policies for me to offer it up?

A friend of mine claimed to have gotten rid of all his Grateful Dead tapes.  Under pressure, he finally admitted, "Ok, I kept a few thousand."
I didn't have *that* many but I can relate. I might just have kept a hundred or so, mostly for the art work from "kind" traders. Once Archive came along, it made little audio sense to stick with tapes. Gone are the days ....
I'll drop a note to Sarah. She's been very helpful in the past. I don't want to sell the thing, just give it away to someone who wants it. I can drop it off at Goodwill or recycle it but I'm guessing it still has life in it if someone wants to do the repair. It's sat for years and it can sit a while longer...