Politics and Music

The Trumpets of Jericho

Beethoven and Napoleon 

Wagner and the Nazis

"Ohio" and the Vietnam War

"Imagine" and consumerism 

The Dixie Chicks 

Countless examples illustrate the intersection of Music and Politics. Jerry Garcia referenced his group as "just a dance band." Always pondered how we react to our choices of music. Divorce it entirely from the controversies of the day and merely enjoy the artistry or allow it to change the way in which we view the world. Transformative, escapism, nostalgia, intellectual profundity, cultural discovery. Large questions. Your thoughts?


@tylermunns - from what I understand, Merle actually wrote that song as satire, but it was taken at face value, as too often happens with satire....  Cause like most musicians, Merle was smoking plenty of marijuana, whether in Muskogee or anyplace else...

Yes, I do "get" Frank Zappa just fine. Been listening probably before you were born.  

A musician's political opinion is nearly worthless.  The local plumber's or bricklayer guy's are probably better because they live in the REAL world, working 8 to 12 hour days, making ends meet.  

Considering most musicians have liberal arts degrees (except for maybe that guitarist in Queen who was an astrophysist), I doubt most even took Econ 101 and 102.  People like Bela Fleck supporting a communist like Bernie Sanders, who even the OMB said his plans made no fiscal sense, speaks volumes about the non-critical thinking that most of these people do. 

Whatever. Just play the music already and dispense with the political posturing.  If I want political opinions I'll seek them out by those who can at least intelligently discuss them, their pluses and minuses.

Anyone giving a musician's or actor's or actress's political opinion any more than anyone else's deserves the lame government they get.  

Looking at my current 401K thanks to Bidumb and company shows me that I won't be spending $8k on any damned speakers anytime soon, that's for sure. 

@sns This is a good post:

“Your agenda clear, always inculcated belief system based on indoctrination for liberals, truth for conservatives, inevitable zero sum game.


And talk about repugnant, forcing victims of rape and incest to carry child to term.”

Well said.

Laughable, insightful or just plain entertaining, I get a kick out of musicians who put their political views front and center in their music. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Just remind yourself that you don't have to sniff them too closely...

@moonwatcher - I was born in 1951 - how about you?

And no, you understand nothing about FZ. 'Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar' is what people like you would yell at him when he was trying to talk to the audience. This is called 'irony' or 'sarcasm' - look those words up. FZ was all about both.

I will take anybody's opinion over your's. The rest of your foolish post speaks for itself.