Polk Audio RT2000p or LSi 25's--- WHO CARES ???

It's absolutely amazing how my question previously asked could garner approximately 100 hits and each one of those hits were from signed up members who couldn't care less about helping me with my query.
If the moderators do publish this then they realize that there are a handful of their paid membership that do nothing but control this website to their liking. I will be unsubscribing if this is not published and if the members do get to see my opinion I'm sure their are many of us who feel the same way.
03-17-13: 2012chipmunk57
Many of your readers could think me rather foolish but the immediate responses prove my theory.
Either way thanks for your replies.

Oh, so it's a reply that you want. Here's a reply: I don't care about either Polk speaker that you mention.
Hopefully that reply will make you happy.


You don't have to shout!!!

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Meanwhile this thread should get back to my original dilemma .
Does anyone know the two speakers well and possibly provide an educated opinion.
Otherwise I fear this thread will be inundated with hate and ignorance.