Poll: Most impactful component

Given all the technological advances over the years, audiophiles have very different perspectives on equipment.

This likely reopens an age old debate, but which component has the most potential to improve a stereo system? Or can it?

If you could upgrade one component to take your system to the next level which one would get the investment? Speakers? DAC? Pre? Source?

Or is this the holy grail that no one can achieve?




I have the Audio Mirror R2R Tubed Ladder DAC.....$3500. Absolutely the most Musical DAC  I've heard. 

For me, it has been my Klipsch Lascalas. I did work on getting rid of the nasties inherent in the design, with great success, and they do everything I want them to do, connecting me with the musicianship / performance, of EVERY recording I listen to.

I sit on sofa directed at my system. An upgrade to an arm chair would be nice. 

The final Transducer (speaker/room) by a country mile, followed by the amplifier.