Pontus, Brooklyn+ or Benchmark 3? Pros and Cons

I’m interested in upgrading my current DAC, a Benchmark 1, to one of: a) Denafrips Pontus;  b) Brooklyn DAC Plus;  c) Benchmark 3   I am currently using my Benchmark 1 without a preamp, streaming TIDAL from a Bluesound Vault, and would like to continue that setup. I realize this will mean I’d need to add volume control to the Pontus, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Other than that, have any of you heard these three DACs (or 2 of the 3), so you could give me your impressions on how they compare? Amp is a newly refurbished McCormack DNA-1 Gold (with Gravity Base Jr and other add-ons; love this amp) and speakers are Usher Mini-Dancer Two’s.
of those 3 i would pick the pontus, it is the most 'organic' sounding of the bunch imho
The Brooklyn will drive that McCormack no problemo......Ill bet it would make a very beguiling sound combo. (goosebumps)

thanks guys — I now have two responses with two different recommendations; isn’t anyone going to stand up for Benchmark?  

Seriously, I do appreciate the replies, but if anyone could give me some idea of how the sonic characteristics of these three DACs compare, based on having heard them in comparable setups, I’d love to hear it.  Of course, you’re all welcome to give your recommendations too; but how can I know if your ears like the same distortions as mine?
I had Benchmark DAC1 and now have Benchmark DAC3 HGC.  Sound is fuller more vivid and cleaner - big improvement.  HGC version is more expensive but remote is included in price while analog inputs or headphone amp might be useful one day.
I had a Mytek Manhattan and loved it, but Myth is currently undergoing a major reorganization as they have divorced from the company that does their actual manufacturing, which would give me pause for a year or two until some accumulated feedbacks obtained on the new company