Pontus, Brooklyn+ or Benchmark 3? Pros and Cons

I’m interested in upgrading my current DAC, a Benchmark 1, to one of: a) Denafrips Pontus;  b) Brooklyn DAC Plus;  c) Benchmark 3   I am currently using my Benchmark 1 without a preamp, streaming TIDAL from a Bluesound Vault, and would like to continue that setup. I realize this will mean I’d need to add volume control to the Pontus, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Other than that, have any of you heard these three DACs (or 2 of the 3), so you could give me your impressions on how they compare? Amp is a newly refurbished McCormack DNA-1 Gold (with Gravity Base Jr and other add-ons; love this amp) and speakers are Usher Mini-Dancer Two’s.
My listening tests with both DAC3B outputs used at the same time did not show any problems. I also spoke with Rory Rail at Benchmark on this type of setup and he said a lot of customers have both RCA and XLR connected at the same time.

I tried to have both my RCA and XLR connected at the same time on my Audio Mirror DAC and that was a no go. Even the designer told me that it likely will not work, it did not. The sounds was not good.
@yyzsantabarbara PS: I just noticed you didn't say anything about the B3 HGC with headphones; how did that go?  I'm thinking about getting the L model so I can get an analog input, and save a few hundred dollars.
@yyzsantabarbara I just read your two posts after sending my "PS" -- I think you misunderstood; I don't have two amps, just the one modded DNA-1.  Unfortunately, when I did the mod, I didn't think it would be worth it to add XLR inputs, so I will have to live with my RCA inputs unless I get a different amp.  I really like this amp, and would rather live with its RCA limitations.  I am using the RCA outputs on my B1 now, and I don't detect any noise (beyond a little tinnitus, which XLRs won't help), Also, since the RCA outputs on the B3 have lower gain than the XRL outputs, I may not have the volume problem you encountered.  I suspect the only way to tell for sure is to buy one, compare it to the B1, and return it if it's not audibly better.  Fortunately, as you said, Benchmark has a no-risk return policy, which makes the decision a lot easier!
If I were you I would get the HPA4 (which I have) and hook up the DAC1 to it to see how that sounds. I have not tried this myself but the HPA4 does seem to have RCA outputs. I only noticed it now when I went to check on the Benchmark web site.

You will also get a much better headphone amp in the HPA4 over the HGC. I never test headphones with either of my HGC's. However, I spoke a few people that did and they were unanimous in saying the HPA4 headphones was much better.
@cheeg I got the Gustard a day earlier than scheduled. I imagine this things sound is going to open up as time goes on. I can say that listening to the first album, The Stones Let it Bleed, sounds better on the Gustard than the DAC3B. The DAC3B is more detailed and does not sound constrained. However, the Gustard is smoother and a bigger soundstage on the first listen. I am sure this will get the details and loosen up.

I am only posting this without more hours because I think it is a no brainer to buy the Gustard at the sale price of $1300. It is also better than my former Matrix Audio Mini-i-3 Pro (I no longer have it). The Gustard sounds like my AudioMirror Tubadour III SE but with a bigger soundstage. I maybe able to sell 2 DACs and just keep this Gustard if this opens up as expected.

It was easy to tell the difference with NOS mode ON and OFF. I have this hooked up to the very neutral Benchmark HPA4 preamp and AHB2 amps.