Pontus ii and Hi Res

A bit new to streaming so apologies for a naive question. I’m streaming Tidal from a Bluesound Node into a new Denafrips Pontus ii via optical cable. Regardless of resolution (hi res or MQA), the DAC stays on 44.1 kHz x 1 multiplier. I tried setting the streamer audio to “MQA to external DAC”, but no difference. Also no difference toggling between OS and NOS  

What am I missing? If the Pontus can’t unfold MQA or resolve anything above 44.1 (x1)  is there any reason to keep Tidal’s highest res service?  The DAC should certainly recognize higher res files...no?

Appreciate any ideas. 


I have a Node 3 and added an SMSL M400 DAC with MQA. I believe it is an improvement in sound quality over the streamers DAC. I can do a direct A-B comparison of a recoding in MQA and CD Quality playing on Radio Paradise. I have not been able to distinguish a difference between them.


I have the same setup, but the Pontus ll doesn’t do MQA. If you want MQA, you need to run if from the node to you integrated amp or preamp.

Pontus is not MQA capable DAC. If you want fully unfold MQA you need MQA enabled DAC or use onboard Node DAC. Optimal solution is to switch to Qobus and forget about High res limitations forever. 

Ok…on Qobuz. DAC still shows 44.1kHz x1 multiplier. Streaming “best of 192kHz” playlist. Tried with optical and coax inputs. Now what?

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