Pontus ii and Hi Res

A bit new to streaming so apologies for a naive question. I’m streaming Tidal from a Bluesound Node into a new Denafrips Pontus ii via optical cable. Regardless of resolution (hi res or MQA), the DAC stays on 44.1 kHz x 1 multiplier. I tried setting the streamer audio to “MQA to external DAC”, but no difference. Also no difference toggling between OS and NOS  

What am I missing? If the Pontus can’t unfold MQA or resolve anything above 44.1 (x1)  is there any reason to keep Tidal’s highest res service?  The DAC should certainly recognize higher res files...no?

Appreciate any ideas. 


@rockrider DUDE!!!!  If you are in the Atlanta area, I owe you dinner. You nailed it. I had no idea I was to control the source through the Blusound app. Problem solved. DAC recognizes high resolution just fine. All is good. Will stick with Qobuz and the Bluesound interface. No more Bluetooth. Really appreciate you sticking with it. Whew!  



Bluetooth? No no no no no.

Yep, that's exactly what I said when I read the OP was using bluetooth. That is one tooth that must be extracted from any audiophile's system with extreme prejudice. 😆


I can Google with the best!  

Then there must be another reason why you have a Denafrips yet did not know that they bypass the MQA scam.

@fuzztone Well, yes. I had no idea what MQA was, so it wasn’t a consideration. 

Thanks again to all for your help. Happy holidays!