Poor Customer Service

How does it make you feel when you try to contact a mfg about their product with tech questions and they ignore you? I understand many places are suffering from a lack of help due to plandemic but when you repeatedly leave messages over a course of weeks and get no reply it sticks in my craw. I've spent my hard earned dollars on their equipment and a simple answer to my question would go a long way to endearment. When you leave a voicemail and no one bothers it's not only frustrating it's disrespectful, so much so that I don't ever want to buy their products again even if they are of good quality.

“When you complain about something without telling us who and what and why all it amounts to is a "waaaaa!" Everyone knows how bad customer service feels. We have all been there. This is going nowhere. Tell us who, and give us the details.”

All except when some poor guy tells the forum of the Neg service he received at the hands of Tekton and got ‘jumped All Over ’ you mean 

Indeed frustrating. There are reasons forum members are cautious about naming brands and giving specifics because of the responses that it may draw. It gets viewed as a lose/lose proposition because you get slammed if you give details and you get attacked if you don’t.

There have been numerous cases documented in these pages of simply unacceptable service by any measure. You may recall the guy in another country whose speakers were dropped off at a station and he was supposed to drive hours away to pick them up. A forum member instructed him to "Use American ingenuity". "Do you want them or not?" he says. "Just go pick them up, and suck it up." The guy paid for direct delivery to his house.

Or another guy that didn’t get his speaker grills after months of waiting. A member’s response, "why would you possibly want grills anyway?"

More than once we are instructed to "embrace the suck" as if all vendors should assume no accountability - it’s all part of life. I thought by sharing in these types of threads that we are trying to prevent "letting them get away with it."

We can at least have the empathy to reflect on the OP’s situation with an ear of understanding and not mocking them with a "waaaaa". Please all - let’s make this a better place.

This iswhyi bought USA made products Bricasti is great on every level , as well as Coda ,and Wireworld  never an issue .
mynew speakers will also be from North America ,Wilson, Magico 
Salk sound or someone else from North America .