Poor Customer Service

How does it make you feel when you try to contact a mfg about their product with tech questions and they ignore you? I understand many places are suffering from a lack of help due to plandemic but when you repeatedly leave messages over a course of weeks and get no reply it sticks in my craw. I've spent my hard earned dollars on their equipment and a simple answer to my question would go a long way to endearment. When you leave a voicemail and no one bothers it's not only frustrating it's disrespectful, so much so that I don't ever want to buy their products again even if they are of good quality.

I bought a Peachtree amp500 through Underwood Wally, hooked it up in my complicated bi-amped system and thought the amp was dead.  Wally and Peachtree were more than gracious and rushed a replacement amp out to me in 2 days.  It turned out that there was nothing wrong with the first (or the second) amp they sent me. I just made an error with my hook-up.  I am telling this to heap praise on Wally and Peachtree.
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Aerial Acoustics is amazing. When you call them the developer and owner of the company, Mike Kelly answers the phone and helps you directly. Always pleasant and helpful.