Poor man's Bosch system?

Here is his main system. But he also has the second system in his office. I believe the speakers are Kornwall? 


McIntosh MX110 pre-amp/tuner


Marantz 6300 turntable


McIntosh MC-240 power amplifier


Ohm Walsh loudspeakers


 What would be In your opinion a good alternative to the above system without breaking a bank? 


What's a Bosch system, and what do you mean by an alternative system if he already has two? Also, I think you mean Cornwall.

He = you?

I suggest you watch Bosch for the action, not for his hifi gear.

Pick a brand, reasonably priced (Rotel, NAD, Marantz, Cambridge Audio, etc.) and buy all components, new or used, from that one brand. Synergy is your friend.

IMO Given the low efficiency of the Ohm Walsh speakers, I don't think the McIntosh 240 amp is a good match.

The system was designed for appearance not sound quality

It's a TV miniseries. Yeah, it's only a prop. No wires, and Walsh speakers don't make sense. It's just for fun. Although I'd love to have all tube, preferably SET rig. 

Prop, or not, I would be surprised if Welliver didn't like Jazz and superb sound though.