Poor man's Bosch system?

Here is his main system. But he also has the second system in his office. I believe the speakers are Kornwall? 


McIntosh MX110 pre-amp/tuner


Marantz 6300 turntable


McIntosh MC-240 power amplifier


Ohm Walsh loudspeakers


 What would be In your opinion a good alternative to the above system without breaking a bank? 


IMO Given the low efficiency of the Ohm Walsh speakers, I don't think the McIntosh 240 amp is a good match.

The system was designed for appearance not sound quality

It's a TV miniseries. Yeah, it's only a prop. No wires, and Walsh speakers don't make sense. It's just for fun. Although I'd love to have all tube, preferably SET rig. 

Prop, or not, I would be surprised if Welliver didn't like Jazz and superb sound though.