Popping sound on SACDs from Ayre

Hey, all:
I have an Ayre C-5xe universal stereo player, sounds great with regular ol' CDs, but for some reason I hear a very small "pop" when I first press play on a SACD. The popping sound happens when I change tracks too. No other noise during playback, just starting the track. 
Not sure why this is... Any advice?
Rest of the system is:

McIntosh C1000T Tube Preamplifier
McIntosh C1000C Controller
MC 501 Power Amplifiers (two of them)
A pair of Wilson Audio Sophia 2 speakers
Hydra Model-8 Power Conditioner
A pair of Guardian 2's (connected to amps)

Thanks for any advice you may have...
I have the same player with the “mp” upgrade and have never experienced this issue. I have had a few small issues and found Ayre to be very supportive and responsive to render a solution. I would contact them as this may be a minor fix and they can direct you to the solution without sending it in.
But my first thought is that the software that analyzes the format at the beginning of the disc and each track is struggling in identification. One thought as you don’t mention, is watch the display when you hit play and see if the SACD indicator flickers or even toggles to CD then SACD. It would probably be a very quick indication if there at all.
I have that player too and I experience a small single pop when first playing an SACD. As far as I can tell, it's normal. I think it's because the player is switching in the SACD decoder.