Popular DAC that is known for its warm-ish sound?

Can anyone name a <popular> DAC that produces a "warm-ish" output? 

Just grasping at straws here.  Thanks!
PS Audio DirectStream DAC makes redbook CD sound better than vinyl. Not sure if that means warm, but it's high-fidelity to the max, IMHO.
@canibefrank +1 lol, very funny.

As some others are echoing. There is no such thing as warm DAC. Get something that does not distort the input signal or the output signal. A good DAC can convert properly, when you say you want warm or something else it will mean you are intent on getting a subpar DAC. Why mess with source so early in the chain?. This is my opinion anyway.
TEAC NT-505  DSD-22.6MHz/PCM-768kHz/32-bit dual-AK4977-mono is a steal right now.

Listening to nativedsd.com sampler 11.2M DSD on the HR Player right now.

Not to deviate but it also does a great job at Tidal MQA with the Lumin Android app which controls it a lot better than the OEM. Plays well just about anything, does Qobuz also.

Neutral and precise is how I would describe it, and a bit warm, nothing strident so far.

Huge upgrade from my HD-DAC1/Bluesond combo.
Another vote for the Border Patrol DAC.  I had mine upgraded by BP to the DAC SEi, which features better capacitors.  It now sounds even better.  I really find myself asking what more do I need in a DAC?  It's really good and encourages long listening sessions.