Porgy and Bess recommendations?

I'm looking for the complete opera. Most, including the Penguin Guide, recommend the Simon Rattle/LPO version released on EMI in 1997, remastered and re-released in 2005. I'd appreciate comments from anyone familiar with this version, quality of the re-master, or other versions?
Music Direct has what they claim is "the definitive" Porgy & Bess: Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald, 1957 Verve recording (re-issued?) by Speakers Corner. 2 LP 180g Import LSPC4411 $64.99 in the Spring 2014 mailer. Have not heard it.
Thanks. I'll do some research on those and others and report any interesting findings.
In 1963 RCA Victor reassembled the 1950's Broadway cast under the direction of Skitch Henderson.They recorded the "highlights" of the show and most of he good stuff is there.The cast was Leontyne Price,William Warfield,John W. Bubbles and McHenry Boatwright.The cd is still on the market and the original lp was in print for decades and is still one amazing sounding recording.Even though this was a decade after the success of the stage run the majesty of these voices were not diminished and in fact had grown richer.Price,of course was beyond criticism and Warfield made this role magical.This original production was an important one, people flocked to see an all African-American cast on Broadway and this was a significant step forward in bending racial tolerance.
If you have heard the other versions you owe it to yourself to seek this one out.Ella and Louis,that is pretty special and the orchestral arrangement by Gil Evans for Miles Davis,well,if you have not heard that...shame on you.
I have several complete Porgy and Bess recordings. I enjoyed the one with Price and Warfield. On record we have the Maazel complete recording with White and Mitchell. Its the most operatic. It could also be out of print. The most recent "Porgy" is the one with Audra McDonald as Bess. She is by far the best Bess of them all. The rest of the performance makes some changes in Gershwin's opera, but is still an effective piece of work, mainly because of McDonald. Saw it on Broadway and it was quite worthwhile. The CD was on two discs at a bargain price.