Port Plugged Towers vs In-Wall

Ok so I am about to finish my basement into a tiny theater room but it’s only 10 feet wide.

There isn’t room to give traditional speakers room to breath.

I can either build towers towers into the wall but they won’t be able to breath much, or else mount fully enclosed in-wall speakers.

I use Monitor Audio rear ported silvers and WT-CP380IDC for in wall.
The in-walls will be better optimized int the bass, and give you more floor space. 
Interesting. Thank you for the response. I just had no clue of the sound difference.

I can recess the wall and still have about 10” of soace behind a tower, so I still am up in the air as to what to do.

It definitely helps to know that an In-wall can sound good too because just reading other posts it seems like people tend to not give them a chance.

Any further advice about using a tower with a recesses of 10” clearance behind a tower and no port plug would be appreciated as well (as compared to the In Walls again).