Portable DAC/Headphone Amp Recommendations

Well I’ve dropped my Audioquest Cobalt Dragonfly a few too many times and the right channel keeps cutting out. Those little dongles are slippery. Audioquest told me that they would replace it for fifty percent of the retail cost but I’d rather not be without a portable DAC during the time it takes to exchange it. Anyway, there are some other options out there, i.e. the Mojo Chord 2 and I was wondering if any of you Goners had your own opinions and recommendations on the matter? I most often use my DAC and iPhone combination at the gym so something smaller in size would be preferred. I’ve looked at Earmen, iFi and others but remain undecided. Earbuds are Cardas and headphone are Aurora Borealis. Thanks!


@chrshanl37 I also noticed there’s a Cayin Ru7. Assuming it’s generally the same thing as the Ru6. I’m rather fascinated with the R2R design principle but not 100% on whether that’s what I would want for a daily driver.

Thanks to all for your input. I purchased the Cayin RU7 and a quality ddi usb c cable.