Possible new integrated amp for my new Focal Kanta's

I just bought a new pair of Focal Kanta 2's I'm currently powering them with a PrimaLuna Prologue Premium. The dealer I bought the speakers from said tubes are too polite for these speakers is he correct? If so what would you recommend? Under $3K please.
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I have heard these speakers with an Arcam A49 and it was a good match. In that situation they are not bright at all, but warm and full with excellent imaging. That being said, this is a very subjective hobby. It's what YOU like, not your dealer. Just saying....
I've heard the Kanta No. 2s with Naim gear, and they sound pretty good.  I have a pair, and use a Levinson 585 integrated with them - sounds even better, at least to me.  Quite happy with the combination.