Possibly the Ultimate Audiophile Album?

CD: Ning Feng Violin Hello Mr. Paganini

This SACD is absolutely fantastic in every way. The 3rd song (Variations on God Save the King, op. 9) is crazy to hear. I managed to find a YouTube video of someone playing the song and it requires a superhuman left pinky finger.

What makes this possibly the greatest audiophile CD is the following information listed in the little book under Technical Information;

Microphones : Bruel & Kjaer 4006, Schoeps MK2
Digital Converter: DSD Super Audio / Meitnerdesign AD/DA Pyramix Editing / Merging Technologies
Speakers: Audiolab, Holland
Amplifiers: Van Medevoort, Holland
Cables: Van den Hul - exclusive use of Van den Hul cables The INTEGRATION and The SECOND.
Mixing Board: Rens Heijnis, custom design
Mastering Room
Speakers: B+W 803d series
Amplifier: Classe 5200
Cables: Van den Hul

I've never seen a CD with so much information.
For anyone that appreciates violin music it's difficult to beat. It's a beautiful recording of fantastic music. I really enjoy technically difficult violin music and this CD has wow moments. It would be hard for me to imagine anyone not at least appreciating the music on this CD. The technical aspect of it sets it apart from the common understanding of classical music. It's a violin solo along with a piano on some pieces.
Be sure to report back. If you do a Yahoo search for Paganini Variations God Save the King you can find a YouTube video of a guy playing the most difficult piece. It's amazing to watch his left hand.
I purchased a Paganini box set with some of my Christmas money and have a new appreciation for this recording. The most difficult song (Variations on God Save the King) is by far the most musical sounding version that I've heard on a decent recording. The new box set includes the song, but it sounds more technical than musical. The words horrible and terrible came to mind several times listening to the new recording. It really sounded like the violinist was struggling with just playing the notes and couldn't focus on making music and he is supposted to be a bit of a Paganini "expert." In short, Ning Feng does an amazing job.