Post “Three Blind Mice” Japanese Jazz

I’ve been listening to old Three Blind Mice records. Some of the prime movers aren’t around. I think that Takeshita Fujii just recently passed. Are there great examples of more recent music coming from Japan? I’ve recently been listening to modern Korean music (K-POP) and to my surprise I’ve found some vocalist that I really enjoy listening to. Like most modern music, Korean recordings are more focused on video and MP3, but there are still a good bit of talent and some good recordings.

What modern Japanese recordings can you introduce me/us to?



In addition to TBM, I enjoy following Japanese jazz artists,

Masabumi Kikuchi, Sadao Watanabe.

The other plus, is that the 5-TBM albums I have are excellently recorded!!

I have to say that YMO is very 70’s and new to me.  I think that Kraftwerk was the closest I’ve come to that sound and it was short lived.  I’ll have to spend some time going through some of the albums to see if the sound varies.

Masabumi and Sadao are more mainstream and I’ve now listened to a couple of albums and will add some to my library.

What strikes me is that YMO, Masabumi and Sadao are more contemporaries of TBM artists and not successors.  Are there younger artists in Japan, or have they all left?  Any great vocalist in the jazz, or pop genre?

I have Yuko Manucho Trio two album 45RPM set.  It is really good and well recorded, but she has been in California for ages.  So, I’ll add Yuko to my suggestion as a young Japanese pianist well worth auditioning.  I’m pleased with her records, but haven’t streamed any of her works.

Three Blind Mice are great jazz performances and great recordings.

I am also a fan of Yuko Mabuchi who has moved to California and performs around the U.S.

Like the OP, I have developed a taste for some Korean music. Though my preferences are fairly narrow in soft rock. Here’s a 20 tune playlist by various artists --