Potential upgrade path…

My current system is:

Rogue st 100 dark amps (biamping 2)

Don Sachs 2 preamp

Aurender N10

Holo May KTE dac

Legacy Audio Signature SE speakers 

if you had $35k or so to upgrade what would you do?



we area legacy dealer


we would recommend not bi-amping but moving into one really good power amplifier such as a coda .8


also upgrading to a better server

we did a recent shootout between an aurender N20 and our 432EVO aeon and the Aeon was far better sounding the aeon produced a far greater soundstage also was more musical and engaging


Aso adding isoacoustics footeers will make a nice improvement in soundstaging and bass definition


dave andTroy

audio intellect NJ

legacy, coda, isoacustics, and 432EVO dealers

@audiotroy , in your profile you have a link to your system but its empty. I would be curious as to your system(s) can you please post it in the virtual systems area? I appreciate it, thanks.

If your room is small speakers that work against the wall are a good option.

AudioNote is one I like. 

Unload the Legacies and the Rogue.

Get a small set amp with the $12k Audio Notes and spend the

rest on treatments.

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