Power Amp advice

I am looking for advice on a power amp to drive my Magnepan 1.7i's.  My source is my Cambridge Network player which I use to stream Tidal.  My preamp is Tube unit: Transcend 6SN7 Line Stage by Aric Audio.  My current amp is a Parasound HCA2200.  The Parasound has lately developed an annoying hum.  I was thinking of getting it repaired, but thought that now might be a good time to upgrade that 30 year old piece.

I was looking for advice on a good match for the preamp/speaker combination.  My budget is around $2,000.  I don't mind buying used.  I was thinking to go with tubes, but I fear that any tube amp with enough oomph to properly drive those Maggies would be well outside of my budget.

Discussions here are always thoughtful, so I am looking forward to what you folks have to share.

FYI the hum was not coming through my speakers. It appears to be solved, at least for now, by tightening all the screws I could access without dismantling the innards. I suspect a sympathetic resonance of some stripe. I also suspect it will return.
If its not there a week from now then it would appear that you solved it and its not likely to return. If the amp is doing the job for you will you still replace it?
Mark, this is one piece of audio equipment that is relatively safe to buy used. You have a tube preamp which will give you that tube sound regardless of the amp you use. In your case you want a SS amp with as much power as you can get like a newer Parasound unit or Bryston. An AB amp with a high damping factor and direct coupled. Class A amps are a little more dangerous to buy used because of the heat. Just like a light bulb if you turn them on and off enough they eventually blow their output section. I had a Krell KMA 100 do that to me after 20 years of service and a Pass amp do it to a friend. 
lndryguru: Thanks I will check that out.

Soix: Since my Parasound is working well, I am in less of a hurry. However I am still looking to upgrade and have read good things about McCormack gear especially the DNA 2. I will consider.

atmasphere: Thanks for the encouragement. 3 days and still silent. Yes I am still contemplating an upgrade. Before putting the HCA on the market, though, I think I will have it recapped, as a visual inspection shows signs of a need.
I presume, given your screen name, you will reccomend an Atmasphere amp 😎

tweak1: No doubt. PS Audio A/AB gear is likely to be out of my price range, I fear.

mijostyn: My sentiments, exactly.

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