Power Amp advice

I am looking for advice on a power amp to drive my Magnepan 1.7i's.  My source is my Cambridge Network player which I use to stream Tidal.  My preamp is Tube unit: Transcend 6SN7 Line Stage by Aric Audio.  My current amp is a Parasound HCA2200.  The Parasound has lately developed an annoying hum.  I was thinking of getting it repaired, but thought that now might be a good time to upgrade that 30 year old piece.

I was looking for advice on a good match for the preamp/speaker combination.  My budget is around $2,000.  I don't mind buying used.  I was thinking to go with tubes, but I fear that any tube amp with enough oomph to properly drive those Maggies would be well outside of my budget.

Discussions here are always thoughtful, so I am looking forward to what you folks have to share.

atmasphere: Thanks for the encouragement. 3 days and still silent. Yes I am still contemplating an upgrade. Before putting the HCA on the market, though, I think I will have it recapped, as a visual inspection shows signs of a need.
I presume, given your screen name, you will reccomend an Atmasphere amp 😎
Maggies are tricky with tubes. IMO one of the better amps you can run on them are Pass Labs. But we have a number of customers running Maggies (we're in their back yard after all so we have the same dealer in town). Its easy to hear what tubes bring to the table on Maggies but you have to be careful about the power issue. 1.7s aren't crazy in that regard though.

If your amp has a toroidal transformer that may be creating the hum. You could try checking the fastener(s) on the transformer.

I installed DC blockers in my earlier Innersound amps so that the transformer would quiet down. These can be made with a bridge rectifier and a couple of electrolytic capacitors. The newer Sanders amps use a fully potted toroid and have virtually no electro-mechanical hum.

By the way the Sanders Magtech should be more than up to the task of driving Maggies or just about any speaker. I have two with LMS (speaker management system) driving my Sanders electrostats. Best sound I've had in my 40+ years at this "hobby".

Good luck.
Kcleveland: Thanks. I am sure the Sanders are fabulous. New they are well out of reach for me. I have not seen any on the used market.
BTW. The hum appears to be fixed. It was mechanical rather than electrical. (something was vibrating). Tightening all the screws on the bottom fixed it. Note I did not tighten the torroidals. They are secured with a pretty hefty bolt.
Last year I wandered in to a nice little store in Deerfield Beach, FL. The owner was playing a pair of 1,7i's with a Prima Luna 35 or 40 wpc tube integrated. I was shocked at how good they sounded!!! I told him that I thought Maggies required high power SS amplification. I believe his response had something to do with the high current capability of the Prima Luna amp.
DITTO on the Peachtree power amp suggestion.....most transparent system I know 9 a friend ) has a tall Maggie speaker/hybrid ribbon tweeter driven bymodel  a 200w Peachtree amp driving it -  NIRVANA!!