power amp condition durring dvd playback

my amp is carver tfm15 with the power meters. when listening to music, the volume can get quit loud without the needles even moving. but i have noticed on a couple of occations the needles will be hovering just above 0 or even as high as .1 watt with little or no sound coming from the speakers. happened today at the begening of crash.

has anybody cought their amp doing this?

anybody have any idea what could be causing this condition?

also like to tack on a speaker question. which nht centers have the same tweeter as nht 2.5i?

thanks everybody.
when i say at the begening of crash i mean before the movie started. ok i just fired up the stuff and i notice with the dvd player in stop mode the needels are hovering above 0 and when i crank the volume the needels rise to .3 watts at 0db and there is almost no sound at all coming from the speakers.

ok now i have shut off the dvd player and still the same condition. reducing input level on the amp seems to be the only way to get it to stop. but yesterday before the begining of crash at -10dB the needels seemed to raise much higher for a couple of seconds. i just fired up the movie, and while it is loading the needels are doing all kinds of things from .3 watts to total rest with no sound. total rest being less movement than when the dvd player is shut off. this all at -10 db on the vol controll. but if i pause the movie or stop it after it has started playing the needels are dead still at 0 no matter how far i turn it up.

btw my noise floor is way lower than it was with my old avr (harman kardon avr 20ii). i can turn the onky up to +3db or more with no sound. just get this strange needle movment.

must not be my amp because when i switch from stereo to direct or pure audio the condition stops. i have isolated my sat box from my rec as much as possable by running video straight to the tv and use optical connection. next i will have to pull it out from the wall and start pulling wires untill i can pin the cause down.
I would not worry about it if there is no audible distortion. There could be some sort of subsonic (doubtful) frequency passing through that you can't hear but your amp is reproducing even if your speakers are not.

Place a decorative item in front of the meters and live happily ever after.

If you want a good center channel speaker for the 2.5i try a single SB3. The old Audio Center-2 was a good match (having the same tweeter and mid/woofer). These pop up every so often but are not available NIB. THere is also a new big center coming out that uses a tweeter/super tweeter array that may be good (for movies and such).

Good luck!