Power amp / Monos for Revel F-50 & EAR 864 pre

please anyone have some experience / suggestion(s) for a good (semi-budget) power-amp or monos for Revel F-50s with EAR 864 pre-/phono-pre.
Currently using B&W (yes they made monos once...later by made Rotel) MPA1.
Thank you,
hi. A good freind of mine has the revel f50s, he has used older pass labs amps, threholds and rogue audio m150 monos with good results. pass labs aleph 2 monos would be great ! godd luck, chrissain
Hi Chrissain,
thanks, the question is actually regarding my son's system. So it makes sense for me to mention, I am a PASS owner (X 350.5) and I like it, apart from the heat it generates in summer time --- these PASS babies are cooking (can hardly touch it then) in summer, that is.

back to your suggestion. It is ALL solid-state, and good SS at that ---- BUT e.g. with PASS, they all have to my knowledge anyway, a rather lowish input impedance due to their PASS design. I mentioned a tube Pre (EAR 864) so now we'd have a not so good match here, since a tube is to so happy operating into 'only' 12 - 20k ohms, right?

So my thought was something very clean, SS, but with more like 100k ohm input impedance. So go mention even ML 332;3;4;5;6 apart from availability I'm not sure it will to good a match sonically. Therefore my enquiry, once you have bought it's not easy to change with out spending more 'fools money'.

Many thanks,