Power Amp Question

Question: how to match a power amp to my system using an integrated amp as a preamp.


Triad Gold LCR In-Room Speakers 4-OHM 100-400 watt

Audio Tecnica AT-OC9XL Dual MC cartridge

NAD C356 integrated amp

Rega Aria MK3 (recently added)


Thank You




@bop333 -

     btw: Are you dissatisfied with your system's SPL output, with all sources, or- only with your analog setup?

     I've been trying to find the voltage output for your AT MC cartridge, but: guess that's a company secret.

     The output levels of many MC carts are too low for some systems.    In those instances: additional gain devices (ie: a transformer or higher gain phono pre) may be needed.

     Just thinking your system may not have enough gain, to step up the cart's output to satisfying levels, as a possibility.

Why do you believe you need more power? (maybe you do, its just that there is no evidence or explanation here......)

You realize the relationship between power and volume is roughly logarithmic? so doubling it makes a very small difference.....

BTW if you do wish to upgrade i tend to agree that a better ovrall integrated would be a better choice - the signal is a chain and only as good as the weakest link after all.

#1 Move all the stuff from in front of your speakers. #2 Use very heavy gauge speaker wire, at least 10 to 12 gauge. #3 The more power the better, 200 watts/channel minimum. I would also agree that you may want to go with separates eventually, but the NAD should work fine for now. I do not agree with the comment that a preamp is as important as the power amp, speakers #1, power amp #2. Good luck.

I must agree with @fiesta75 that moving the stuff from in between your speakers would likely result in a real improvement. But given the size of your room the biggest gain would be in the preamp. A good preamp is the heart and soul of a system like yours… as well as the phono stage. I would invest in that way before a new amp.


I have been pursuing high end sound for fifty years. I started with very modest components. The first big step up was from owning a great preamp, the second a great phonostage, and finally and amp. It would be easy to overload the sound in that small room and make you think you need more power and bass… you will probably want bass traps in the corners to help stop overloading the space. That lets the contrast of nothing to strong sound increase. Also, after removing the stuff between the speakers a thick wall hanging to absorb sound and one on the wall opposite the speakers should help. Corner traps would prolly help (small).