Power Amp Recommendations for B&W 803 Nautilus

I have a pair of B&W 803 Nautilus (250wpc, 90db sensitivity, 8 ohms) and looking for a power amp.  I can buy new or used and budget is flexible around U$3,000, but looking for the biggest bang for my buck.

I've just begun my research and was wondering if anyone has experience/thoughts with the ones I've listed below.  It would also be great to hear of any other recommended amps not on my list.

- Peachtree Audio Gan400

- Odyssey Stratos

- Odyssey Khartago

- PS Audio M700 monoblocks

- Classe CT-2300 (or other used Classe)

- others?

Thanks,  Lou


Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll be looking into these....and maybe even stick a crowbar in my wallet for the right one!

Save a bit more, get the Sanders Magtech stereo,amp, all you will ever need.

power, current, stability of power supply, stable to 1 Ohm

quite the hidden gem in audio. 

odysseys arena,good,mention.


older amps u can get a great deal on them if you heck the Gon regularly 


happy hunting


an,alstine is also mentioned, only heard good things.

you will need lots of headroom for those speakers, so you don’t clip an underpowered amp.